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Fellowship -  Facial Cosmetic Surgery Dates

Fellowship Commencement Dates and Last Date for application For ACADEMIC YEAR 2024

18 Months Full Term Fellowship (Available positions - 2)

          Joining Date : 1st March 2024

          Last Date of Application 10th January 2024

          Physical Interview Date 29th January 2024

1 Month Mini Fellowship Session 2024

1st March 2024 - 31st March 2024 - Last Date of application 15th January 2024 (Available position - 2)

1st May 2024 - 31st May 2024 - Last Date of Application 29th February 2024 (Available Positions - 1)

1st June 2024 - 30th June 2024 - Last Date of Application 30th April 2024 (Positions Available - 1)

1st August 2024 - 31st August 2024 - Last Date of Application 30th June 2024 (Available positions - 1)

3 Months Short Fellowship Session 2024

1st April 2024 - 30th June 2024 - Last Date of application 29th February 2024 (Available positions - 1) POSITION FILLED

1st August 2024 - 31st October 2024 - Last date of Application 30th june 2024 (Available position - 1)

6 Months Fellowship Session 2024

1st September 2024 - 28th February 2025 - Last date of application 30th July 2024 (Available Positions - 1)


Rhinoplasty accounts for over 25 % of our surgical load. We regularly perform over 70-80 high quality blend of Caucasian and Asian Rhinoplasty due to our unique geographic location. Making us a unique centre to prepare our fellows for all kinds of Aesthetic rhinoplasties


There is one Observership of 1 month and three Fellowship available at our Centre

1 Month duration Observership and 3 months Short term Fellowship are available as per vacancy. The Centre wil be accepting maximum 2 observer or short term fellows at a given time

6 months and 18 months fellowship as based on interview for selection. The Centre will be having Two 18 months fellows and only one 6 months fellows at a given time.

Our Fellowship is the most comprehensive fellowship in Facial Cosmetic surgery exclusively encompassing both surgical as well as non surgical Facial Aesthetics


Fellowship Details

Thorough training in all aspects of Facial Aesthetic & Plastic Surgeries and non surgical aesthetics

During the fellowship, the trainees will be trained in depth in the field of both surgical and non surgical facial cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Our Center regularly performs over 20-25 Facial plastic surgeries every month. The majority of these surgical procedures are Rhinoplasty, Eyelid surgeries and Jaw contouring surgeries.

Apart from surgical procedures, we also perform fair number of non surgical aesthetic procedures, including HA filers, Botulinum toxins, Skin treatment as well as treatments by energy devices such as Micro Needling Radio Frequency and Lasers

These variety of facial aesthetic and plastic procedures will give huge confidence in our fellows post their fellowship training to independently have Facial plastic surgery practice.

During the fellowship, our fellows will be involved in pre surgical treatment planning and discussion. All fellows will be first assistant in all complex high demanding surgeries, gradually performing all steps involved in all kinds of facial plastic surgeries. 

The fellows will also be involved in post op care of the patients, learn about post op instructions and also manage different types of complications that can arise. 


The elligibity for the Fellowship are 

1. MDS - OMFS (3 year govt recognised residency in Oral & Maxillo Facial Surgery)

2. MS - ENT (3 year govt recognised residency in ENT)

3. MS/MD/DNB - Oculoplasty (recognised post MD/MS Oculoplasty residency)

4. MCh - General Plastic Surgery (3 year govt recognised residency on General Plastic Surgery)

There are 2 types of Fellowship / Observership available at our Centre.

Observership and Short Term Fellowship

1 month and 3 month Duration : This fellowship is available on first come first basis and on availability of positions at our centre. The Centre will be admitting only 4 fellows at a time to maintain quality of training. The 1 - 3 months short term fellows will be scrubbing for the surgeries and participate in regular academic activities as well as clinic OPD and non surgical treatments


6 months Duration : This fellowship is available based on interview. Candidates with prior experience are encouraged. Fellows will also take part in Journal and scientific publication along with scrubbing for surgeries and day to day activities in the clinic. completing 6 moths short term fellowship twice will be culminating to Full term Fellowship for those who desire to do so

18 Months Fellowship in Facial Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

18 Months Fellowship is the most comprehensive Maxillo Facial Aesthetic Plastic Surgery fellowship available in India. Our fellows will be scrubbing and get exposed to over 350 - 375 major Maxillo Facial Plastic Surgeries along with over 350 non-surgical Facial aesthetic procedures during there 18 months tenure. This number is in sync with across the world including American Facial Plastic Surgery fellowship and European Facial Plastic surgery training. The fellows will be taking part in Pre operative case discussion. scrubbing for surgeries and non surgical aesthetic procedures. Fellows will also be taking care of post operative and pre operative patient care. Will be an integral part of clinical and scientific activities of the centre as well as publishing scientific research in peer review journals.


Interested Candidates kindly send your enquiry 

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