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Jaw Contouring Procedures

Jaw Contouring procedures involve multiple different procedures performed independently or in combination, depending on individual needs. Jaw contouring is principally divided into two major types

1. Surgical Jaw Contouring Surgeries

2. Non Surgical jaw contouring

Surgical Jaw Contouring include procedures such as Genioplasty (Chin advancement), Lower Jaw V Line Surgery, Neck liposuction, Neck lift, Lower Jaw advancement surgery, Lower Jaw reduction surgery, Cheek reduction surgery, Upper jaw advancement surgery, Upper Jaw reduction surgery. Lower Jaw and cheek implant surgery

Non Surgical Jaw contouring involves conservative treatment done using Botulinum neuro-modulators and HA Dermal Fillers. These are done OPD basis. They have minimal downtime. One can go and attend social gathering next day itself, without any post procedure discomfort.

Here we will be discussing all types of surgical and non surgical procedures performed by Dr Rahul Gogoi at our guwahati Centre. All these procedures are performed by Dr Rahul Gogoi. We believe in honestly showing our own patient results. This will help you decide on what particular procedure are you looking for, so you can be better informed by the time you decide to visit us at Dr Rahul Gogoi Clinin (RaGo Aesthetics)


Surgical Cheek reduction & Genioplasty

Lovely patient of mine who complained of very wide cheek bones and long lower jaw. On our clinical examination, we came to diagnosis of Wide zygomatic bones (Cheek Bones), Lower eyelid and mid face hollowing. She had excessive upper jaw vertical height, long and steep lower jaw angle with long upper lip.

The treatment plan for her was as following

1. Tooth braces (Orthodontic treatment) - To reduce her upper jaw vertical excess by Orthodontic upper movement of her upper teeth to reduce her upper jaw excessive height.

2. Jaw contouring surgery - Combination of multiple surgeries including, Lower eyelid fat transpositioning to give fullness to her mid cheeks softening her appearance. Zygomatic bone reduction (Cheek bone) to reduce the excessive width of her cheeks on the side, uperr lip lift surgery, Lower jaw reduction surgery to reduce the steep angle of her jaw

The Surgery was performed under General Anaesthesia. It involved hospital stay of 2 nights. The surgery was performed in a completely scarless method. The Lower eyelid fat transpositioning was done via lower eyelid transconjunctival incision, so as to completely hide the scar in inside of the lower eyelid. The cheek and jaw reduction surgery was also performed from inside the mouth via gums approach, thus leaving no external scars. Additionally Asian Rhinoplasty was performed using rib cartilage to give her a beautifully balanced front and side profile. 

Post Surgery she had to wear face compression garments for about 10 days. She was on soft diet for 2 weeks, following which she resumed normal diet. Jaw contouring surgeries are extremely complex surgeries. They need precise treatment planning, a close coordination with Orthodontist (Teeth alignment specialist) and your Maxillo Facial Surgeon. The Surgery also need considerable expertise to perform safely. A Maxillo Facial Surgeon is generally best trained to perform these types of surgeries, as jaw surgeries are part of the core training during their surgical residence training for 3 years

Chin Advancement Surgery and Neck Liposuction

Here Dr Rahul Gogoi has performed Advancement Genioplasty surgery (Chin Bone advancement) along with complete neck liposuction and Radio Frequency Neck skin tightening. 

Combining Chin surgery and neck liposuction in people with short neck and small jaw can bring beautiful balance to overall neck contour and balance

Chin Surgery and neck liposuction cane be performed under Local Anaesthesia with mild sedation. Our patients are discharged on the same day of the surgery

Genioplasty (Chin Surgery)

Dr Rahul Gogoi here operated only Chin advancement surgery under Local Anaesthesia. 

The reason for operating only Genioplasty here lies in the fact that her overall facial proportions are in very well balanced. Our lovely patients has good cheek contour, she has very jawline. Only the lack of chin prominence. This lack of forward position of her chin leads to lower lip incompetence, leading to more stressed uper and lower lip when trying to close her mouth.

The advancement chin surgery in turn pulls the muscles of the lips and lower cheek muscles forward. This in turn contours her lower cheeks and also relaxes the lips bringing out beautiful balance in her profile and overall facial proportions

Jaw contouring Surgery


Jaw Contouring surgeries involves

1. The upper and lower jaw along with the alignment of the teeth for aesthetics and function. - A Maxillo-Facial Surgeon and Specialist Orthodontist are involved 

2. Lower Jaw contouring  - It may include re shaping of the jaw bone, advancing the chin, liposuction of the neck fat or radio frequency assisted liposuction of the neck and jawline fat

3. Customised implant - these are 3D printed patient specific implants which are used to balance and highlight the deficient or deformed parts of the facial bones



This involves

1. Use of dermal filers to re-shape the facial structures.

2. Use of Fat grafting to re-shape the facial structures

3. Radio Frequency assisted re-contouring of the face


Lower Jaw Contouring and Rhinoplasty

Beautiful Patient of Dr Rahul Gogoi who wanted a more beautiful projected nose and a more contoured jawline with reduction of her double chin.

Here Dr Rahul Gogoi performed Asian Rhinoplasty along with lower Jaw contouring with Dermal fillers. Overall balance between the nose and Jaw line and chin contour can bring about beautiful changes in ones overall facial proportions. These can be achieved by good rhinoplasty in combination with jaw surgeries such as V-Line Jaw surgery, reduction jaw surgery, Double jaw surgery, genioplasty or even facial implants along with non surgical treatments with the help of dermal fillers


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