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Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)
Guwahati, india

Your face makes the first impression. The nose being the center of our face makes a significant contribution to overall balance and harmony of the facial proportions. Maxillo Facial Plastic surgeries make it possible to get the desired harmony and balance.

No surgeon is created equal, and in the right hands one can achieved the correct natural shape, balance of the nose that sits perfectly with the face 

The Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty enhances the overall appearance of the nose and the face as a whole. It involves improving the shape as well as the function of the nose. 

With proper rhinoplasty we can achieve

1. Better Nasal Bridge contour

2. Better Nasal tip shape and projection

3. improved breathing function

4. Enhanced facial balance and harmony


Before After Rhinoplasty
Rahul Gogoi

Considering Rhinoplasty

Are you a candidate for rhinoplasty? 

1. You are unhappy with the shape of your nose

2. Had a history of accident resulting in nose shape change / deformity

3. You have reasonable expectation from the surgery. Looking for improvement in the shape of your nose and not perfection which does not exist

4. You are not a smoker

5. You don't have any important engagement in coming 6 months



The first step towards your rhinoplasty is a private consultation with Dr Rahul Gogoi. Here you will talk directly with Dr Rahul Gogoi on your concerns regarding your nose. Your queries regarding the shape of the nose that you desire. The questions regarding pre rhinoplasty preparation, post nose job do's and dont's. You can discuss what are your expectations, you can even bring pictures of different nose that you like or find will suit your face the best. following this you can discuss about the realistic outcome of your rhinoplasty. Dr Rahul will also go through different nose surgeries that he has performed to give you a realistic idea on your rhinoplasty / nose surgery. He will also show you pictures of nose similar to yours so you and Dr Rahul Gogoi can arrive to a realistic nose shape that can be achieved.

Personalized Treatment Planing

During your consultation, Dr Rahul may also recommend if any adjunct procedure can enhance the final results, for e.g, A good balanced nose along with a more stronger well projected chin may enhance overall harmony and facial appearance. An eyelid surgery with a softer look goes a long way to enhance the overall appearance of the face

Once the consultation is over, you will be taken through the process of pre surgical blood tests, CT Scans and Chest X-rays. The final date for the surgery can also be fixed. 

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