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Age gracefully...

At Dr Rahul Gogoi Clinic, we care about your concerns. Aging gracefully is the key to maintain natural beauty and boost our confidence and feel good about ourselves. Key changes that happen with time are appearance of fine line and wrinkles followed by loss of moisture and firmness in our skin leading to sagging of our skin. at Dr Rahul Gogoi Clinic Guwahati, we tailor our treatment to each of your individual requirement for anti aging treatment using a combination of Dermal fillers, wrinkle reducing treatment and energy devices to induce new collagen formation to get back that beautiful firmness of your youthful skin. 

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Anti Aging Treatments Guwahati Dr Rahul Gogoi

At Dr Rahul gogoi Clinic , Dr Rahul Gogoi exclusively performs surgical and non surgical treatments of the face and neck. Our face is always visible to our world around us. It is the window to ourselves. At Dr Rahul Gogoi we have the best anti aging treatment in Guwahati. Anti aging  / Aging gracefully involves a holistic treatment of good diet, healthy habits and help of dermal fillers, skin hydration and wrinkle reduction treatment to get a supple beautifully hydrated skin giving us a beautifully radiant face. Aging gracefully needs both in office treatments as well as home care. At Dr Rahul Gogoi Clinic, we give the best of both in home care as well as in office treatments


Retinol and Retinoids

Vitamin A derivatives are strong anti aging compounds available to us. Mainly they come in the form of retinols and tretinoin. Retinoids help in increasing skin cell turnover, this in turn helps in more effective shedding of old skin and faster renewal of the top layer of our skin.The increased skin turnover helps reduce fine lines and improves skin texture. For different skin need, different types of retinoids and different concentrations are used. 

Tretinoin is stronger form of Vitamin A. It is extremely effective in combating skin fine lines and wrinkles. Tretinoin being stronger also causes more skin dryness and redness, specially during the initial days of the treatment. It is effective in skin pigmentation, or acne and in initiating skin rejuvenation treatment.

Retinol is comparatively milder, It is available in different concentration ranging from 0.1% to 1%. Each concentration has its own indication from maintenance of skin to reversal of signs of aging

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid are natural sugar based compounds found and produced by our body. Hyaluronic acid has multiple application in our body, ranging from water absorption to our skin hydrated, to maintain skin volume and firmness. As we age the natural production Hyaluronic acid reduces thereby our skin ability to absorb water and remain hydrated decrease, leading to appearance of fine lines and skin wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is also an important as a lubricant in our joints. Hyaluronic acid is available in different forms for different application. 

Low crosslinked HA (Hyaluronic Acid) is mainly indicated for skin hydration. In lower concentration it is used as a meso therapy to help skin rehydrate itself after mesotherapy, although it lasts for a shorter duration. In higher concentration it is available in injectable form. Dr Rahul Gogoi at our clinic in Guwahati generally injects on specific bio aesthetic points on the face. This injected hyaluronic acid spreads and fuses with our skin and absorbs water to keep skin hydrated for a longer duration. Dr Rahul Gogoi advises 2 sessions initially in a span of 2 months, this is followed by maintenance session every 6-9 months. with rehydration of skin the appearance of fine lines reduces and skin regains its youthful plumpness 

Highly Crosslinked HA (Hyaluronic Acid) also known as Dermal Fillers. Dermal Fillers are different in consistency and has higher viscosity and more volume. Dr Rahul gogoi performs Dermal fillers in Guwahati Centre individualises all dermal filler treatment for each of our individual patients. Dermal fillers come in different concentration to be used in different areas of our face. Dermal fillers used for nose is different from dermal fillers used in the cheek or lip fillers. Dermal filler are used to restore volume of the face and neck. Dr Rahul Gogoi uses dermal fillers to reverse the effects of aging such as sagging of the cheeks, reducing the lower eyebags, contour the jawline to give more firmness to the jawline or even non surgical rhinoplasty also known as liquid rhinoplasty


At Dr Rahul Gogoi Clinic, we customise anti aging treatment to help one age gracefully. The key is to maintain our natural beauty as well as keep youthful. 

We broadly classify the available treatments into

1. Wrinkle reduction - Botox, Fillers

2. Skin Rejuvenation - PRP and Nano Fat grafting

3. Skin Boosters and mesotherapy

4. Hyaluronic dermal fillers

Wrinkle reduction treatments

Wrinkle reduction is normal part of our aging process. As we get older, our skin loses its firmness, it loses its ability to retain water and remain hydrated due reduction in hyaluronic production in our body. There is continuous loss of subcutaneous fat and losenning of the retaining ligaments, all these changes lead to our skin losing its firmness and support and become more saggy with passage of time. Wrinkle reduction treatment aims primarily at replenishing and reduce these effects of aging. for this we primarily have 

1. Neuromodulators like botox  - These relax the muscles of the facial expression thus preventing further build up of wrinkles

2. HA dermal fillers - These help to restore volume caused by the loss of fat in our face

3. PRP and Nano Fat grafting - These treatments help to re-build the collagen in the skin to help get back good firm glowing skin

4. Skin Boosters - These are primarily Hyaluronic injection which are injected in the skin, which helps the skin to retain water, thus help our skin to remain hydrated which helps reduce the development of fine lines

5. Micro Needling Radio Frequency - These are highly advanced energy devices which induce new collagen formation. The increase in collagen in and below our skin gives it more elasticity, thus help to reduce the fine line appearance, tightens up the skin, reduces the open pores of the skin. MNRF (Micro Needling Radio Frequency) is a very effective way to maintain our skin and slow down the effects of aging.

6. Laser Resurfacing - At Dr Rahul Gogoi Clinic we have advanced lasers including ND-Yag laser and CO2 Laser. Nd-Yag laser help in wild rejuvenation of the skin with any downtime. it also help in getting rid of sun tan and tattoo reduction. CO2 Laser are advance level lasers, these laser can completely rejuvenate the skin, reducing uneven skin tone, scar marks as well wrinkle reduction. The only side effect if hyperpigmentation which can happen in darker skin types



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