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Upper Eyelid Surgery (Eyelid Lift)

Upper Eyelid Surgery - Upper Blepharoplasty is aimed to lift up the the eyelids to give a more  refreshed look, give it more softness, light up the beautiful gaze. Our Eyes are the first thing that is noticed by people around us. Beautiful eyes have long given rise to beautiful poetry and everlasting songs, highlighting its importance in human minds.

 There principaly 2 types of uperr eyelid surgeries. 

1. Double Eyelid Surgery

2. Rejuvenation Eyelid Surgery

Double Eyelid before and after by Dr Rahul Gogoi. Best Eyelid plastic surgeon in Guwahati, India
Upper eyelid surgery by Dr Rahul Gogoi. Top eyelid plastic surgeon Guwahati India


Upper eyelid Surgery is a surgical procedure to either create double eyelid crease in asian eyelids, or rejuvenate and reverse the effects of ageing in the upper eyelids. Asian eyelids are characterised by lack of upper eyelid fold or poorly defined upper eyelid crease, which often hides beneath excessive upper eyelid skin or eyelid fat beneath it. In age related sagging upper eyelid, It is characterised by excessive skin, sagging and drooping of the eyelids, loss of fat and hollowing of the upper eyelid rim, sometimes hooding of the eyes leading to small eyes and functional difficulty. 

Eyelid surgery according to the type of surgery involves removal of excess skin, removal or repositioning of the upper eyelid fat. In Asian eyelids, it involves additional eyelid crease creation procedures. This is popularly known as Double Eyelid Surgery, or Asian blepharoplasty. Dr Rahul Gogoi often tailors his upper eyelid surgery individually for each of his patients. He has invented the technique of VOLUMISING ASIAN EYELID SURGERY. This technique involves meticulous pre surgery evaluation of the irregularities in the asian upper eyelid, depending on the individual needs of each of his patients, Dr Rahul Gogoi, either re-positions the fat to a more ideal position or removes the excess fat. This gives a more natural looking eyelid crease.

REJUVENATION UPPER EYELID SURGERY - Rejuvenation Upper eyelid surgery is performed to rejuvenate  the upper eyelid to give them a more youthful and rested appearance. The age related changes in upper eyelid often causes the following

1. Excessive skin and losenning leading to upper eyelid hooding or multiple eyelid crease

2. Upper eyelid fat atrophy (Loss) causing hollowing of the eyelids

3. Excessive skin and weak upper eyelid  leading to ptosis (Lid sagging) causing functional issues with inability to open the eyes completely

difference between asian and caucasian eyelids - Dr Rahul Gogoi

Upper Eyelid Surgery - Dr Rahul Gogoi

Double eyelid surgery by Dr Rahul Gogoi

Our beautiful Patient came to us desiring a more well defined upper eyelid crease. Although she had upper eyelid crease, but the crease was not well defined. Dr Rahul gogoi performed his signature Volumising Asian double eyelid surgery. The above picture is after 9 months post double eyelid surgery

Double eyelid surgery by Dr Rahul Gogoi. Top Eyelid surgeon in Guwahati, India

Lovely patient of Dr Rahul Gogoi, who came for double eyelid crease. She had complete upper eyelid monolid and lack of eyelid crease. She wanted a double eyelid crease which had to be subtle and very natural looking. Dr Rahul performed his signature Volumising Asian double eyelid surgery by preserving the upper eyelid fat, re-positioning of her fat pads, thus preventing artificial hollowing of the eyes 

Dr Rahul Gogoi is among top Eyelid surgeon in India. He has trained over 200 surgeons across India in eyelid surgeries. His signature volumising asian eyelid surgery has helped him get more natural looking results. Too much removal fat can lead to much hollowing of the upper eyelid, leading to higher upper eyelid crease, which looks good in Caucasian eyes, but looks artificial and un attractive in asian ethnic eyelid. The key to getting good results consistently need constant upgradation of skills. Another key part is the experience in a particular type of surgery. Dr Rahul Gogoi every year operates over 100 upper eyelid surgeries every year. The experience is key to asian double eyelid surgery to consistently deliver good results.

Lovely patient of Dr Rahul Gogoi, who desired a more defined and a higher upper eyelid crease. Dr Rahul Gogoi performed volumising double eyelid surgery. Dr Rahul transferred the medial (Nasal) upper eyelid fat towards the centre of the eyelid, thus volumising the hollowing at the centre of the eyelid just below the eyebrows. The crease was created mildly higher, but the fat preservation helps her to have beautiful big yet asian upper eyelid crease.

Beautiful Patient complained of sagging and droopy upper eyelids as well as under eyebags with loose skin. Dr Rahul Gogoi performed Upper eyelid surgery along with lower eyebag surgery with mid facelift. Here Dr Rahul went with external lower eyelid surgery with fat transfer along cheeks to get her less tired looks in her eyes. 

Dr Rahul Gogoi`s lovely patient, who came with the complain of sagging of her upper eyelids along with lower eyebags. Dr Rahul Gogoi performed volumising upper eyelid rejuvenation surgery along with lower eyelid scarless eye bag reduction surgery. In the above surgery, Lacrimal gland suspension was also done, this important to prevent lateral hooding and lateral eyelid sagging. 

Under eye bag surgery is also indicated in younger patients who are genetically prone to under eyebag formation. In these types of eyebags, the skin is more tight and firm with younger age. Here Dr Rahul Gogoi performed scarless lower fat transfer surgery under sedation to give a more fresher look

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