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Updated: May 20, 2023

Dr RAHUL GOGOI perform Asian Rhinoplasty on regular basis. His results itself speaks for themselves. The stunning transformation that he gets in his Nose jobs are one of the best in the world, giving one natural looking beautiful balanced nose.

Rhinoplasty using Rib graft can be done both under Local Anaesthesia under mild Sedation as well as under General Anaesthesia.

Asian Rhinoplasty Before and After - Dr Rahul gogoi
Rib Cartilage Nose job / Asian Rhinoplasty - Dr Rahul Gogoi

Now in short the cost of Rhinoplasty using rib graft at Dr Rahul Gogoi

Local Anaesthesia with Sedation - INR 70,000 - 75,000

General Anaesthesia with one day Hospital admission - INT 1,40,000 - 1,50,000

The difference in Rhinoplasty under Local Anaesthesia and Rhinoplasty under General Anaesthesia


Under Local Anaesthesia, one is awake during the surgery. The local anaesthetic agent is given via injection, it’s very much similar to how a dentist gives numbing injection for dental treatment such as a Root canal treatment or a tooth extraction.

Multiple injections are given in specific areas of the nose and chest. Once the nose and the chest are completely numb and senseless, we proceed for the surgery in regular fashion. It is completely pain free surgery there after. The important step in a rhinoplasty is the step where we cut and push the bone inside to make the nose narrow. Dr Rahul Gogoi is an expert in Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty also known as Piezosurgery . Here unlike breaking the bone with traditional method of chisel and hammer, which causes lot of trauma to surrounding skin, bleeding and extreme post surgical bruises, Ultrasonic surgery. The bone is cut instead of being broken, it is more precise cuts through high frequency vibrations, which are not felt at all, this in turn makes the rhinoplasty less traumatising and the surgery is virtually bloodless with minimal post surgery bruises.

These two method of precise numbing injection and ultrasonic rhinoplasty is what makes Dr Rahul Gogoi’s Rhinoplasty Surgery cost effective and gives results with regular and repeatable precision.

By employing and using the latest technology in rhinoplasty surgery, Dr Rahul has Kept Rhinoplasty Surgery cost extremely affordable, while maintaining high quality results, which very few Surgeons in India can match. The proof of which is Dr Rahul Gogoi BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES.

You can directly see his before and after rhinoplasty result in pictures.

Rhinoplasty under Local Anaesthesia has very high safety, the risks are similar to the one that of minor surgery , such as basic stitching and standard oral surgical procedures.

For more details in Rhinoplasty under Local Anaesthesia you can contact Dr Rahul Gogoi SkulptFace Clinic at +91-76369-74861. Through WhatsApp or call.

Asian Rhinoplasty Before and After  - Dr Rahul Gogoi
Rib cartilage Asian Rhinoplasty - Dr Rahul Gogoi



Here one is completely unconscious and has no awareness of the surgery at all. This is more suitable for people who are afraid of needles, or persons who want complete comfort during the rhinoplasty Surgery. The surgical procedure is the same, irrespective of the type of anaesthesia, Dr Rahul Gogoi always uses Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty in all his nose jobs to get the best possible results on regular basis.

Almost all rhinoplasty surgeries can be done under local Anaesthesia, accept the ones that are extremely malformed or extremely crooked. Dr Rahul Gogoi has to see the patient before committing to the type of anaesthesia, but majority of rhinoplasty surgeries, the type of Anaesthesia Dr Rahul Gogoi leaves it to the patient to decide.

General Anaesthesia is more comfortable than Local Anaesthesia in the sense that, in general anaesthesia, one is completely unconscious and not aware of the surroundings, the only downside of rhinoplasty surgery under General anaesthesia is the rhinoplasties surgery cost is more higher than that of rhinoplasty surgery cost under local Anaesthesia. Apart from this the rhinoplasty surgery is essentially same.

You can contact Dr Rahul Gogoi’s Clinic coordinator via call or WhatsApp at +91-76369-74861 to schedule an online or a physical appointment for consultation.

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